Clary Hood, Inc. has steadily built a comprehensive company-owned fleet of earth-moving vehicles, related equipment, and state-of-the-art positioning and control technology. This means we’re equipped to handle projects of all sizes and scopes without having to subcontract or rent equipment. We’re fully insured, and our team is filled with expert equipment operators with proven experience. Handling everything with our own people and equipment helps us ensure every project stays on schedule and on budget, adding to the outstanding value we deliver to each client.

Current Equipment List

Clary Hood, Inc. is equipped for any earth-moving project. Our current company-owned fleet includes:

  • 53 Off-Road Trucks
  • 51 Excavators
  • 23 Roller/Compactors
  • 47 Dozers
  • 11 Scrapers
  • 11 Tractors
  • 12 Water Trucks
  • 8 Loaders
  • 8 Motor Graders
  • 9 Land-Levelers
  • 23 Miscellaneous
  • 17 GPS Control Systems

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