Clary Hood, Incorporated was established in the state of South Carolina in 1980. Company founder and owner Clary Hood started the company with the goal of creating a successful highway and heavy equipment contracting business—his lifelong dream. Clary began building his knowledge at a very young age, as help grew up in his father’s independent earth-moving business. He spent many of his formative years immersed in the operation and maintenance of dozers, scrapers, and other pieces of equipment. This knowledge, together with an unwavering desire to succeed, drove Clary to lead our company from a local upstart to a proven leader that participates in the largest commercial, industrial, and public building projects in a three-state area.

In the Beginning

It was apparent a young age that Clary Hood would have a career in the heavy equipment contracting world. As a child Clary would work with his father clearing land, and at age 11, was piloting a bull dozer on his own.  Read the article here »

A Word from Our Founder

Company founder Clary Hood reflects on his career, saying, “I’ve built a reputation on my name, and it’s a name you can build on.” We’re proud to uphold this reputation every day.


Looking to the Future

Clary Hood, Inc. didn’t get where we are today by living in the past or being satisfied with where we are. Instead, we continue to look ahead, innovate, and adopt the latest in techniques in technology.

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