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Services: Utility

Clary Hood is experienced with stand-alone utility projects for companies such as Duke Energy and in industrial applications where complete utility services is part of a total turn-key site preparation package.

  • Oconee Nuclear Station, Fuel Storage, Oconee, SC
  • Oconee Nuclear Station, Security Enhancement Project
    Oconee, SC
  • Catawba Nuclear Station, York, SC
  • Oconee Monitoring Station, Seneca, SC
  • Lee Steam Plant, New Turbine Addition, Anderson, SC
  • Cleveland County Water Off Stream Storage Reservoir, Lawndale, NC
  • Charlotte/Douglas Airport-Water/Sewer Improvements, Charlotte, NC
  • Catawba Nuclear Station-Sinkhole Repair, York, SC
  • Cleveland County Gen. Facility Units 1-4, Kings Mtn., NC