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What’s In a Name?

Clary Hood, Incorporated was incorporated in 1980 in the state of South Carolina. The 27 years since have saw the fulfillment of the life long dream of its founder, Clary Hood, to establish a successful Highway/Heavy Equipment Contracting business.

At an early age, Clary began to acquire the knowledge necessary to build the business from his father, who as an independent, constructed ponds for agricultural use, small commercial concerns and projects at local quarries. As an adolescent, Clary was taught the operation and maintenance, of dozers, scrapers and various support pieces. With this background and an unwavering desire to succeed, Clary has taken a fledgling company from the Piedmont of upstate South Carolina to a corporation that actively pursues and constructs heavy commercial and public projects in three states.

The employees and all concerns of the corporation reflect the desires and determination of the founder. The mission of Clary Hood, Inc. is to (1) pursue projects aggressively, but sensibly; (2) respect and treasure the relationship of our clients whether individually or corporate and (3) perform in a manner which is not only profitable but professional.

Clary Hood. The Name You Can Build On.